Application Equipment Industry
1、Furniture glass
2、Shower room door
3、Architecture glass
4、Balcony/stair armrest glass
5、Sightseeing glass
6、Door glass

Technical Parameters

Processing rangeX axis                     0-3500
Y axis                     0-900                 mm
The movement precisionX axis                     ±0.3                 mm
Y axis                     ±0.3                 mm
Drilling diameter
                     Φ6-Φ30                 mm
The movement speedX axis                     0-300                mm/s
The speed of screw propulsionY axis                     0-50                mm/s
Z1 Z2 axis                     0-3                mm/s
Overall size                                LXWXH         6700x5000x1660 mm
The high of the table                                               900+/-20 mm
Glass thickness                                                    4-12 mm
The max glass size                                                  3500x2500
The min glass size                                                   1200x300

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